Friday, 4 December 2015

UNICEF welcomes Governor’s commitment to end violence against children

By Kinanti Pinta Karana, UNICEF Indonesia Communication Specialist 

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo (center, wearing black cap) says Indonesian children must grow up great because they will become the future leaders. © UNICEF Indonesia/2015/Julianingsih.

Children's laughter was heard all around the Central Java Regional Legislative Building (DPRD) in Semarang recently as hundreds of people gathered to celebrate Universal Children’s Day.

The guest of honor at the event, jointly organized by the local government, UNICEF Indonesia and other partners, was Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo.

Governor Pranowo showed enormous support for the welfare of Indonesian children by joining the Pelindung Anak campaign. “The children of Central Java must grow up great because they will become the future leaders of Indonesia,” he said after signing up online as a Pelindung Anak (Child Protector).

Governor Pranowo says the message from Pelindung Anak campaign is very true and he encourages the residents of Central Java to become the parents of all children and protect them from violence. © UNICEF Indonesia/2015/Julianingsih.

Pelindung Anak is a campaign launched by UNICEF and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection earlier this year to raise awareness about the impact of violence against children and to create a movement that helps put an end to child abuse.

At the center of the campaign is a website ( which aims to improve the understanding of different forms of violence and their impact on children. It also provides information on where victims can find help, and aims to create online communities where the topic can be discussed and resources shared.

The campaign itself includes TV spot, social media content and digital billboards, all of them appealing to the Indonesian sense of Togetherness – Gotong Royong – conveying the message: “All children are our children.”

 “The message is very true. Everyone can and should be the parent of all children to protect them from violence. I call on all Central Java residents to be the parents for our children so they can grow up to be amazing people,” Bapak Ganjar said.

He joins a group of noteworthy Indonesians who have already signed up as a Pelindung Anak including the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Ibu Yohana Yembise and UNICEF Indonesia National Ambassador Ferry Salim.

“We are very grateful for Bapak Ganjar Pranowo’s support for Pelindung Anak. We hope that all other Governors will follow his example and commit to put an end to violence against children,” UNICEF Indonesia Representative Gunilla Olsson said.

As part of the campaign, UNICEF is also distributing important information about the nature and extent of violence against children in Indonesia. This includes:

  • 40 percent of children aged 13-15 years report having been physically attacked at least once within a given year.
  • 26 percent of children report having received corporal punishment from parents or caretakers at home.
  • 50 percent of children report being bullied at school. 
  • 45 percent of young Indonesian women and girls believe that a husband/partner is justified in hitting or beating their wife/partner under certain circumstances.

“Preventing violence against children is best undertaken as a collective effort by parents, teachers, neighbours, the private sector, civil society and governments together with children and young people themselves Just because you can’t see violence, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We all have a responsibility to make the invisible visible.” said Ibu Gunilla.

Please sign up as Pelindung Anak here: